Monday, April 4, 2011

best prayer

Last week, I made a decision during small grup time at school. With Mrs. Jordan help, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. AJ and Max made the same decision as well.
Daddy and Mommy are super happy, because I believe in Jesus who saves me and will take me to heaven one day.
Since then, I love praising God. I can't stop praising God. I like to sing Amazing Grace, You Never Let Me Go, and lately I'm practicing singing Before The Morning. Besides that, I like to make-up some songs to praise him.
I know Jesus lives in my heart. Even though I still make some bad choices, but He always forgives me. Daddy and Mommy too.
Thank you Jesus for coming in to my heart.

backyard adventure

This afternoon the weather is super nice around 60s, and Mommy told me to play outside.
Mommy was doing the laundry, and then I showed up with my pajamas, sweater with my shoes on and a backpack.
Mommy asked me where I am going and why I bring the new backpack. I told Mommy,"I'm going on an adventure!"
Mommy said, "What?". I replied,"Yes, I'm going to explore the nature. I bring my binocular, my journal book and a crayon to draw what I discover, and snack." And Mommy said,"Great, have fun! Don't go too far."
Then off I went, walking down the sidewalk. Then I realized there're not much to explore and it was very windy, so I went back home. I saw Mommy went out bringing the camera and told me to explore the backyard instead, and she came with me. We found some flower buds, moss, and some seedling from the tree. We picked those off, and went back inside, washed my hands and then eat dinner, the soup I helped Mommy making. It's called Bebe's soup.


I started my real Lego collection since my 4th birthday. Actually I've been playing with some blocks even before I was 1. Mommy got me the foam blocks before I can crawl, then a wagon of mega blocks just before I can walk. I remember I brought some of the mega blocks on my first road trip to Florida after my first birthday, and I really enjoyed my trip :)

Knowing that I like to build something, I got some series of Lego Duplo (for age 1.5-4), and I've been loving and playing it since. On my fourth birthday, Bebe gave me the 'pirate' Lego. which is so cool. The pirate has 2 swords and has a treasure chest that can be opened and closed, complete with the jewel treasure inside! The instruction let me make this cool pirate ship that can move its flag.

Daddy also bought me this Lego - Creator series. It is the Lego collection for 5-11 years.(Seems too advanced for me :)) They have all kinds of transportation you can transform into 3 kinds in each case, and Daddy allows me to disassemble every other week and make another one. I have 4 cases now.

Daddy and Mommy found the cheapest price at Target and ofcourse The Lego Land, but unfortunately The Lego Land doesn't carry all the series. So everytime Daddy or Mommy go to Target, they always checked it out for me. It's only $5.54.

The great thing about this 'Creator' is that it is packed in a small hard plastic case, so it is easy to store, not like the other regular Legos that are put in a cardboard (Only the Bionicle has the same case)

With my tiny fingers I learn to construct some cool transportations, and Mommy teaches me to read the instruction so I can make my own, and I did several times without supervision.

Anyhow, it's not too advanced I guess :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

lipet baju

watch me help mommy folding my shirts.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

by 5

by 5, I am free of diaper
by 5, I can count to 100
by 5, I start reading words
by 5, I have re-read my devotional book
by 5, I enjoy reading Bible
by 5, I learn to make new friends, especially with Talon
by 5, I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using my piano
by 5, I try to take a bath by my myself
by 5, I like exploring nature, especially rocks
by 5, I learn that God aswers prayers
by 5, I think I can do a lot of things.... with a little help :)